About Us

Vellica Awards (www.vellica.com) opened its doors in 2000, providing beautiful engraved Awards and Recognition products to businesses, universities and government organizations.

As a supplier to a wide variety of companies and organizations, including PepsiCo, Cisco Systems, Blackboard, Mercedes Benz, and Harvard University, Vellica has branched out into corporate apparel (www.brandyourapparel.com/today) and into promotional products (www.vellica.norwood.com), including one special line of engraved photo frames for consumers (yesterdaysphoto.com). 

We are committed to serving you, our customers, with great quality products you’ll appreciate in your homes and offices for years to come.  These products endure, and remind all of the company you work hard to represent and the effort you and your team have put forth that makes your organization thrive.  Though a gift card is appreciated, it's easily forgotten once spent.  Recognition items and awards last, and build self-esteem in your recipients knowing that their managers and teams appreciate their work. 

So thanks for visiting Vellica - where recognition matters!  It matters to you because it matters to your team.